A telescope or binocular mount is the basic foundation upon which your optics rest. A solid mount is required in order to achieve crisp images at high magnification. While most entry and intermediate level telescopes are sold as complete systems that include a mount, a la carte purchasing of telescope mounts and optics tends to be the norm where premium level optics are concerned. This is especially true in the field of more advance astrophotography.

  • Altazimuth Mounts

    Altazimuth Mounts


    Altazimuth telescope mounts are useful for both terrestrial and astronomical observing due to their intuitive up-down and left-right motion.

  • German Equatorial Mounts - Go To

    German Equatorial Mounts - Go To


    German equatorial mounts or GEMs track an object using constant speed movement on one axis that is oriented parallel to the Earth's axis of rotation.

  • German Equatorial Mounts - Manual

    German Equatorial Mounts - Manual


    A manual German equatorial mount is one without "go to" capabilities provided by an on board computer and motors to drive the mount to a desired object.

  • Binocular Mounts

    Binocular Mounts


    Binocular mounts allow the use of heavier and more powerful binoculars, allowing you to enjoy tremendous wide field views.

  • Counterweights



    Telescope mounts often require additional counterweights when imaging accessories or a larger optical tube are attached.

  • Polar Axis Finder Scopes

    Polar Axis Finder Scopes


    Polar axis finders are an option for many German equatorial mounts that enable you to quickly achieve a precise polar alignment.

  • Saddles and Side by Side Systems

    Saddles and Side by Side Systems


    Saddles and side by side systems are mount upgrades that offer alternative ways to attach one or more telescopes to a mount.

  • Tripods and Piers

    Tripods and Piers


    These tripods and piers are sold separately as upgrades to the basic units supplied with their respective mounts.

  • Other Mount Accessories


    Cables, GPS receivers and various other accessories and upgrades for telescope and binocular mounts.

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