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ADM Accessories ADM Accessories produces a high quality line of aftermarket dovetail systems and other accessories for telescopes and telescope mounts. Anthony Davoli, founder of Anthony Davoli Machining (ADM) is an active amateur astronomer and accomplished astrophotographer in his own right. Many of Anthony's products are born of necessity as he strives to advance his own enjoyment of the hobby. We are proud to recommend ADM Accessories for solutions to a wide variety of common applications.

  • ADM V Series

    ADM V Series


    ADM V series dovetails and accessories conform to the popular Vixen style with a 1.72-inch dovetail bar width and matching accessory adapters. Shop online!

  • ADM D Series

    ADM D Series


    ADM D series dovetails and accessories feature 4-inch wide dovetail bars with 3-inch mating surfaces and various accessories including as guide scope rings.

  • ADM DV Series

    ADM DV Series


    ADM DV series accessories will attach to either Losmandy D-style or Vixen V-style dovetails and are ideal for those who already own both formats.

  • ADM Miscellaneous

    ADM Miscellaneous


    These ADM products are not specific to the D, DV, or V series of dovetails and accessories.

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