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ADM D Style Ball Head Mount


Manufacturer: ADM Accessories
Availability: IN STOCK
Weight: 3.00 lbs


Bogen medium ball head on a D series dovetail plate adapter. The Bogen medium ball head makes centering your photographic target a breeze. 

Bogen medium ball head (3262)on a "D" series dovetail plate adapter. The Dovetail Plate Adapter will fit 4" Losmandy style dovetail plates. The Bogen Medium Ball Head offers smooth movement and positioning of the camera, 360° plus 90° tilt with fast positive locking. Makes framing objects a breeze. With a carrying capacity of 8.8lbs it is strong enough to take 35mm SLR cameras with a medium sized lens and light, medium format cameras. Black anodized aluminum and stainless steel hardware for maximum durability.