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ADM Max Guider Male D Base


SKU: Max-M
Manufacturer: ADM Accessories


The MAX Guider is an alitude/azimuth aiming device for your guidescope or finderscope. 

ADM Accessories has listened to all of your recommendations and has designed one of the most advanced pointing devices to ever hit the astronomy community. Like all ADM Accessories, price and superior craftmanship were paramount. The MAX guider comes in both a male and a femal configuration. The Female version has a base that attaches directly to a Male dovetail on the top of your OTA. The Male version is designed to be used with a SBS saddle or can be bolted directly to the SBS connecting bar.

MAX-F- Female base Max Guider. (Pictured Above) The base of the MAX-F Guider is a large dovetail plate adapter and attaches directly to any “D Series” dovetail. on the top of your OTA. The top of the MAX guider is a DUAL saddle. The unique DUAL saddle accepts either “D Series” or “V Series” dovetails. The two adjustments make finding and centering guidestars trouble free. The pointing position of both altitude and azimuth adjustments can be locked for worry free, flexure free, long exposure astrophotography.This is also the perfect solution for large camera lenses where a 2D camera mount or ball head just wont cut it.

MAX-M - Male base Max Guider. The base of the MAX -M Guider is a 7" DUP with extra 1/4x20 tapped holes along the centerline. The male DUP allows the MAX to be used with any "D" Series saddle like a SBS adapter. The DUP at the base of the MAX also has tapped holes along the centerlne. These tapped holes allow you to bolt the MAX directly to an ADM Accessorie SBS adapter.

DSBS-MAX- This is the MAX-M and a SBS adapter in one. One side of the DSBS-MAX is equipped with a "D" Series saddle and the other side is equipped with the MAX Guider.

MAX-HD - This is the MAX-HD which was designed specifically for larger refracors. The MAX-HD is 12" long and features a DUAL locking saddle on the top (accepts both Losmandy "D" Series and Vixen "V" Series dovetails) and a Losmandy style saddle on the bottom. The HD has a greater capacity due to the extra number of springs located in the altitude adjustment mechanism. Designed to hold 25lb OTA's.

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