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Astrophotography is an exciting and rewarding extension to the amateur astronomy hobby. Modern digital imaging products allow the amateur astronomer to easily reach deeper into space, even from light polluted urban environments, and with much greater ease than in the past. The technology and cost of modern CCD cameras and autoguiders has reached a point where amateur astronomers with even modest budgets can achieve results that equal or exceed those of what professional astrophotgraphers were capable of only 25 years ago.

  • Deep Space Cameras

    Deep Space Cameras


    Dedicated deep space cameras are the ultimate tool for long exposure astrophotography, allowing you to capture stunning images of celestial objects.

  • Planetary Imaging Cameras

    Planetary Imaging Cameras


    Cameras for planetary imaging have a very different set of requirements than those of deep space imaging cameras.

  • Video Astronomy

    Video Astronomy


    Video allows you to cut through light pollution and see faint deep space objects with telescopes of moderate size from urban and suburban environments.

  • Camera Adapters

    Camera Adapters


    Camera adapters are used to attach a CCD or DSLR camera directly to a telescope without using an eyepiece.

  • Camera Mounts

    Camera Mounts


    Camera mounts are used in applications where the camera will use its own lens to capture and focus the image.

  • Extension Tubes and Spacer Rings

    Extension Tubes and Spacer Rings


    Extension tubes and spacer rings are often required to reach focus or to achieve the proper spacing between a focal reducer and the image plane.

  • Filter Wheels

    Filter Wheels


    Filter wheels are used in concert with monochromatic CCD cameras to achieve a composite color image.

  • Imaging Filters

    Imaging Filters


    Imaging filters include both RGB filters for use with monchrome cameras and highly specialized narrowband filters for capturing detail in emission nebulae.

  • Focal Reducers

    Focal Reducers


    Skies Unlimited is proud to offer the highest quality telescope and refractor focal reducers for top brands including Schmidt-Cassegrains, Celestron and more!

  • Focusing Accessories

    Focusing Accessories


    Achieving a sharp focus is one of the more fundamental challenges faced by beginning astrohpotographer.

  • Autoguiders



    Autoguiders work in conjunction with a telescope mount to keep a celestial object from drifting during a photographic exposure.

  • Guide Scopes

    Guide Scopes


    Guide scopes are used with autoguiders to automatically compensate for minor tracking errors while imaging.

  • Guide Scope Rings

    Guide Scope Rings


    Guide scope rings are used to mount a small refractor on top of or beside a larger optical tube in a parallel orientation.

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