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Astrozap Artificial Star


SKU: AZ-1600
Manufacturer: Astrozap


The Astrozap Artificial Star provides a stable reference for collimation in lieu of an actual star, eliminating the issues of star drift or poor seeing. 

Artificial Star: A Must Have for Precise Bench Collimation

This new and improved design features a brighter 18,000 MCD ultra white LED focused on a 100 micron precision laser drilled stainless steel aperture. We use this tool ourselves here at Skies UNlimited. The star can be mounted on a table, or attached to a standard photo tripod using the ΒΌ-20 adapter provided on the bottom of the unit.

These can be used at home, or at star parties to provide a collimation star for everyone. It never moves, so there are no tracking or centering issues to worry about. It is unaffected by atmospheric disturbances so you can get an accurate collimation under any seeing conditions. The placement of the star depends on the telescope. For an 8-inch SCT, we recommend placement at least 40-50 feet from the telescope. The further away from the scope, the better until you start loosing contrast in the eyepiece.

The procedure for collimating your particular telescope should be outlined in its manual. Please read the instructions there first. It will tell you the location of the collimation screws and any cautionary notes concerning collimation adjustments.

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