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Astrozap Dew Controller


SKU: AZ720
Manufacturer: Astrozap
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Weight: 2.00 lbs


The Astrozap Dew Controller uses pulse width modulation to regulate dew heaters from 5-95% of capacity. 

Dew is water in the form of droplets that appears on exposed objects in the morning or evening. As the exposed surface cools by radiating its heat, atmospheric moisture condenses, resulting in the formation of water droplets on your Telescope lenses. The best way to fight dew is to keep optical surface just slightly warmer than the dew point by applying a small amount of heat. Get the AstroZap Dual Channel Dew Controller and a Flexi-Heat Dew shield and help fight Dew!

The Astrozap dew controller is manufactured for operation on 12 volts DC and should never be operated with any other voltage. Total amperage capacity for all four outputs is 5 Amps. The controller is supplied with a six-foot cord equipped with a cigarette lighter plug end. A 5-amp fuse is incorporated into the plug. The Astrozap dew controller can be used to power Flexi-Heat dew shields and dew heater bands equipped with RCA jacks. Most heater bands are equipped with these jacks, anf this is the only type we sell here at Skies Unlimited.

A green LED indicates that the controller is receiving 12 Volt DC power. The two amber lights by the outputs indicate the power level of each channel. The brighter the amber LEDs, the higher the duty cycle for that channel. When the controller is set to the lowest setting, it is effectively off. A two-inch Velcro strip is included for mounting the controller to a convenient area of your telescope mount.