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Astrozap Flexi-Heat Dew Shield for NexStar 8 SE


SKU: AZ-817
Manufacturer: Astrozap
Availability: IN STOCK
Weight: 3.00 lbs


The Astrozap AZ-817 Flexi-Heat dew shield features a notch to accommodate a Vixen style dovetail bar as is used on a Celestron Nexstar 8 SE. Astrozap Flexi-Heat Dew Shields combine the benefits of a dew shield and dew heater in one integrated package. They direct the heat right to your optical tube assembly, thus eliminating any chance of dew formation. This model features a notch wide enough to accommodate a Vixen style dovetail bar, which is used on Celestron NexStar SE models as well as Advanced VX model telescopes.