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Astrozap Light Shroud for 8" Skywatcher


SKU: AZ-1305
Manufacturer: Astrozap


Astrozap Light Shrouds keep stray light, dust and dew from reaching the optics of your Meade LightBridge or SkyWatcher Dobsonian. 

Sometimes you just have to shake your head and ask "what were they thinking?" When the Meade LightBridge and SkyWatcher collapsible Dobsonians arrived on the scene, neither company offered a light shroud as an accessory. A light shroud is needed to close the opening around the truss poles between the mirror box and upper cage assembly, otherwise the optics are exposed to dust, dew, and any surrounding stray light. Astrozap quickly stepped in an solved that problem.

The SkyWatcher Dobsonians offer up a unique challenge due to their three pole design, as an ordinary light shroud laden with dew would sag into the light path. Skies Unlimited was proud to work on this challenge with Astrozap by supplying them with a telescope to test their design. Astrozap light shrouds for SkyWatcher feature internal stays that maintain a tubular shape for the shroud, even when wet.

Proudly made in the USA, Astrozap's Light Shrouds utilize material of a nylon and cotton blend, and are tailored to slide easily over the telescope's trusses. Top and bottom drawstrings secure the shroud in place. They also function as a passive dew prevention system like the Astrozap Dew Shield. Unlike competitors' light shrouds, Astrozap's distinctly designed Light Shrouds retain their shape, keeping the shroud material from sagging into the light path, even in moderate to heavy dewing conditions. If you own a Light Bridge or Sky Watcher Dob, an Astrozap Light Shroud is virtually indispensable in the field.

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