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Atik offers the amateur astronomer a line of CCD cameras, filter wheels and other accessories that are well made, easy to use, and a great value. Atik's mission is to open the exciting world of astro-photography to everyone. Steve Chambers and Rui Tripa launched the business in 2003 following their own frustrating search for astronomical imaging equipment. The type of camera they wanted was simply not available in a realistic price range - so they set out to design it themselves. Atik is now Europe's leading manufacturer of CCD cameras for astronomical imaging.

Atik has recently expanded their line to include cooled CMOS cameras for deep space imaging. CMOS technology has made considerable advancements in recent years, and is a much more cost effective solution for many imaging applications. The smaller pixel size of a CMOS sensor is an advantage when using refractors because they are well matched to the tight star images these instruments produce. The larger physical area of these sensors per dollar invested should make any imager smile, and becomes increasingly important when imaging with longer focal length instruments. CCD sensors still retain an advantage in dynamic range, which is important for very long exposures, but the beginning to intermediate astrophotographer may have little need of that advantage in actual practice.

Atik CCD Cameras

Atik CCD cameras land squarely in the sweet spot of quality, features and value that most astro imagers are looking for.

Atik CMOS Cameras

Atik cooled CMOS cameras are sensitive, high megapixel alternative to DSLR cameras at a competitive price point.

Atik Imaging Accessories

Atik offers quality filter wheels and other accessories for use with their line of CCD cameras.