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Celestron EdgeHD 800 (CGE) Optical Tube Assembly


SKU: 91030-XLT
Manufacturer: Celestron
UPC: 050234103091
Telescope Type: Aplanatic Schmidt-Cassegrain
Aperture (in.): 8 inches
Aperture (mm): 203.2 mm
Focal Ratio: f/10
Focal Length: 2032 mm
Limiting Visual Magnitude: 14
Eyepiece 1: 40 mm
Magnification with Eyepiece 1: 51x
Finder: 9 x 50 optical
Star Diagonal: 1.25-inch prism
Weight Fully Assembled: 14 lbs.


Celestron 91030-XLT EdgeHD 800 OTA equipped with Losmandy style dovetail bar produces pinpoint star images all the way to the edge of the field. 

Celestron EdgeHD - The Optical Difference

Not only is the EdgeHD coma free, but it also has a built-in field flattener to ensure sharp focus all the way to the edge of the field, producing true Astrograph quality images. This results in pinpoint, High Definition star images throughout your astro photograph.

The EdgeHD optical system takes all of the compact power popularized by the Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope (SCT) and combines it with an improved high definition optical system for wide field, astrograph quality images. As a visual instrument, EdgeHD optics deliver pinpoint images even with your widest field eyepiece. You can search for all of the Messier Catalog objects and see hundreds of other equally interesting NGC, IC and Caldwell objects with amazing clarity. For astroimaging, the EdgeHD optics produce aberration-free images across your favorite CCD or DSLR camera. All EdgeHD optics are designed to produce an extremely flat focal plane precise enough to match the strict tolerances of the largest commercial CCD detectors, allowing all stars to be in tight focus to the very edge of the chip.

EdgeHD Whitepaper

The Celestron Product Development team has released a whitepaper outlining the technology behind EdgeHD. This paper describes the development goals, design decisions, optical performance, and their practical realization in 8-, 9.25-, 11-, and 14-inch apertures. We include cross-sections of the EdgeHD series, comparative spot diagrams for the EdgeHD and competing "coma-free" Schmidt-Cassegrain designs, a table with specifications for visual and imaging, graphics showing how to place sensors at the optimum back-focus distance, and details on the construction and testing of the EdgeHD telescope series.

Celestron EdgeHD Optics Whitepaper
Click here to download the whitepaper.

New Mechanical Design Features

Mirror Support Knobs - Flexible tension clutches hold the mirror in place and reduce image shift when rotating the tube around on the mount.

Tube Vents - Cooling vents located on the rear cell allow hot air to be released from behind the primary mirror.

Fastar Versatility - All EdgeHD optical tubes are Fastar compatible for imaging down to f/2 with optional accessories.

Brighter Star Images - Light becomes more concentrated when focused precisely. This maximizes image brightness.

These superior features combined with the recently announced CGE Pro and CGEM mounts makes the EdgeHD series the new gold standard in Astro imaging.

This product is available with your choice of either a Losmandy or Vixen style dovetail bar. Celestron refers to these as the CGE or CG5 dovetail, respectively.

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