Celestron Nexstar 6SE Advanced Bundle
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Celestron Nexstar 6SE Advanced Bundle

This offering includes the Nexstar 6SE telescope, three X-Cel LX eyepieces, two filters, 7 Ah Power Tank and a red LED night vision flashlight.

What's in the Box?

  • Celestron NexStar 6SE Telescope and included accessories
  • Celestron 12 mm X-Cel LX eyepiece
  • Celestron 9 mm X-Cel LX eyepiece
  • Celestron 7 mm X-Cel LX eyepiece
  • Celestron Moon Filter
  • Celestron UHC Nebular Filter
  • Celestron 7Ah Power Tank rechargeable field battery
  • Celestron Night Vision Red LED Flashlight

This package starts off with the versatile Celestron NexStar 6SE, which is the most popular computerized go to telescope we sell, and adds to it several of our top recommended accessories to help you get the most out of the telescope. We start off with three Celestron X-Cel LX eyepiece, which are a significant step up from the basic eyepieces sold in accessory kits. Each Celestron X-Cel LX eyepiece offers a wider 60 degree apparent field of view, a large eye lens with twist up eye cup, and a comfortable 16mm of eye relief. These eyepieces will yield 125X, 167X, and 214X magnification, representing medium, high, and very high power when combined with this telescope. The telescope itself comes with a 25 mm Plossl eyepiece that yields 60X magnification, rounding out your eyepiece set with a low power option. There eyepieces would be used as follows:

  • Low Power (25mm / 60X) - observing the moon, large nebulae such as the Orion Nebula, or open star clusters
  • Medium Power (12mm / 125X) - observing smaller nebulae and galaxies, as well as close up lunar observing
  • High Power (9mm /167X) - observing the planets, planetary nebulae such as the Ring Nebula, and globular clusters
  • Very High Power (7mm / 214X) - same as the above, but with emphasis on planetary observing when atmospheric conditions permit

Also included with this package are a moon filter and a UHC Nebular filter. You may not have thought of this, but taking the moonlight gathered by a six inch / 150mm telescope and compressing it down to a 2.5mm or smaller image is a lot like shining a bright flashlight in your eye; it is not very comfortable. A moon filter make lunar observing much more enjoyable by reducing the image brightness. Most nebulae that we observe visually are actually emission nebulae that are sending very specific wavelengths of light. Nebular filters allow those specific wavelengths to pass through while blocking other wavelengths. This has the effect of dimming the starlight and making the nebulae look brighter. Faint details in the outer regions of nebulae reveal themselves when using these filters. Many emission nebulae appear much larger when using these filters simply because the our regions are no longer lost against the background sky glow.

We round out this offer with a Celestron 7 Amp-Hour power tank. The power tank is a portable rechargeable battery capable of supplying power to the telescope for one to two nights of observing. While the telescope can be operated using AA batteries in a pinch, they won't last very long and you will need to re-align the telescope's go to function each time you change them. The Power tank allows you to align once and then enjoy an entire night of uninterrupted observing if you so choose. Last but not least, we include a red LED flashlight that will allow you to read star charts or other guidebooks without ruining the dark adaptation of your eyes. It can take twenty minutes or more for your eyese to fully adapt to the darkness, so why spoil that by using a white flashlight?


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UPC 703610985094
Telescope Type Schmidt-Cassegrain
Aperture (in.) 6 inches
Aperture (mm) 150 mm
Focal Ratio f/10
Focal Length 1500 mm
Limiting Visual Magnitude 13.5
Eyepiece 1 25 mm
Magnification with Eyepiece 1 60x
Finder Unit power red dot
Star Diagonal 1.25-inch prism
Power Requirements <2.5 amps @12 VDC
Power Supply 8-AA Batteries
Tripod Weight 9 Lbs.
Weight Fully Assembled 30 Lbs.
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