Celestron Nexstar Evolution 8 Advanced Bundle
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Celestron Nexstar Evolution 8 Advanced Bundle

This bundle includes a versatile set of accessories together with the popular Celestron NexStar Evolution 8 telescope. With four eyepieces almost the entire useful range of magnification for this telescope is covered. The included variable polarizing filter will deliver more enjoyable views of both the moon and brighter planets. A UHC filter will enhance the visible detail in bright emission nebula. A padded case by Pacific Design allows for both storage and safe transportation of the telescope optical tube and its fork arm mount.

The NexStar Evolution is arguably one of the best mainstream visual observing scopes to come along in a great while. The integrated rechargeable lithium ion battery makes it self contained, which means fewer things to set up and take down. The internal wifi module allows you to control the telescope from an app on your smartphone or tablet if that sort of thing appeals to you. Celestron broke with tradition by offering two eyepieces with this telescope, including a low power 40 mm and medium power 13 mm Plossl. Our Advanced bundle includes two additional Celestron X-Cel eyepieces, giving you a total of four magnifications. These X-Cel LX eyepieces offer comfortable eye relief and a wider field than a basic Plossl.

Four Eyepieces - Four Magnifications

  • 40 mm Plossl - 51X - Low power, useful for large objects such as the full moon
  • 18 mm X-Cel LX - 113x - medium power, useful for many deep space objects, including galxies
  • 13 mm Plossl - medium high power, useful for the planets, globular clusters and planetary nebulae
  • 9 mm X-Cel LX - 226x - high power, useful for the planets when atmospheric seeing conditions permit

The NexStar Evolution 8 is more than capable for lunar, planetary, and deep space observing, so we have included two filters to help with these different types of observing. A 1.25" variable polarizing filter allows you to adjust the light transmission to the eyepiece from 1-40%. A low transmission is desirable for observing the moon with a telescope of this size because the moon is very, very bright. Using a high transmission (less filtering) is desirable when observing Mars, Jupiter or Saturn because this reduces glare and allows more surface detail to be seen. We have also included a 1.25" UHC (Ultra High Contrast) nebular filter for observing emission nebulae. This filter blocks undesirable light from man made sources or nearby stars by selectively passing spectral lines commonly emitted by these nebulae, allowing you to see the fainter portions of these targets that would otherwise be obscured by sky glow.

The NexStar Evolution 8 weighs in at 41.4 pounds fully assembled. This consists of 29.2 pounds for the optical tube and fork arm, and 12.2 pounds for the tripod. Our bundle includes a Pacific Design soft case for 9.25" SCT optical tube, which accommodates the Evolution 8 optical tube and fork arm with the finder attached. Using this case makes it both safe and easy to move the telescope to your favorite observing location.


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