Celestron Omni XLT 120 Telescope
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Celestron Omni XLT 120 Telescope

The Celestron Omni XLT 120 is truly a large refractor capable of resolving globular clusters and revealing hundreds of deep sky objects.

The Celestron Omni XLT 120 is a relatively large achromatic refractor with a small price tag. It is quite a good value for the more advanced observer who craves both the pinpoint stars and black background sky that a refractor typically offers, yet does not need go-to convenience. The 120mm aperture is enough to reveal many deep sky objects under all but the most light polluted city skies. Unlike its little brother, the Omni 102, this telescope will easily resolve a globular cluster.

The Celestron Omni XLT 120 is truly a large refractor. Common wisdom of the 1970s was that refractors of this size were impractical, however, advancements in low refractive index glasses have made them both practical and affordable for all of us. The potential of these telescopes is subject to your local skies. This refractor should reveal the veil nebula under magnitude 5.5 skies, and the spiral arms in the Whirlpool Galaxy under magnitude 6.5 skies. Neither of these sights are possible using much larger telescopes under urban magnitude 4 skies. The performance of this telescope should exceed that of 5" Schmidt-Cassegrains due to the lack of a central obstruction.


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Telescope Type Achromatic refractor
Aperture (in.) 4.7 inches
Aperture (mm) 120 mm
Focal Ratio f/8.3
Focal Length 1000 mm
Limiting Visual Magnitude 13
Eyepiece 1 25 mm
Magnification with Eyepiece 1 40x
Focuser Type Rack and pinion
Focuser Size 2-inch
Finder 6 x 30 optical
Star Diagonal 1.25-inch prism
Power Requirements None
Tripod Weight 12.5 lbs.
Counterweights 1 x 7 lbs. + 1 x 4 lbs.
Weight Fully Assembled 46 lbs.
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