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Celestron Polar Finder Advanced VX and CGEM


SKU: 94224
Manufacturer: Celestron
Availability: IN STOCK
Weight: 1.00 lbs


Celestron polar axis finder scope for Advanced Series (CG-5 and VX), CGEM, and CGEM-DX mounts. Use this to quickly and accurately polar align these mounts. 

This useful accessory speeds accurate polar alignment by providing a means of visually aligning your German equatorial mount with Polaris. The reticle is etched with both the big dipper and Cassiopeia, allowing you to quickly determine the direction of the offset between Polaris and the northern celestial pole at the time of alignment. Simply rotate the mount in right ascension until these constellations are properly positioned as they appear in the sky, then adjust the mount to place Polaris in the designated circle. Spend more time observing and less time setting up!

This product is compatible with the Advanced Series CG-5, Advanced Series VX, CGEM, and CGEM DX mounts.