Celestron is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality optical products, including telescope, microscopes, and sport optics. Celestron is the current market leader for telescope sales in the USA, offering everything from inexpensive beginner telescopes to larger instruments suitable for permanent observatories.

Celestron pioneered the techniques for producing Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes on an industrial scale in the early 1980s, and remains to this day the leading maker of such telescopes. More recently Celestron has agressively enetered the market for German equatorial mounts, which are the preferred platform for serious astrophotography. They are also a leader in product innovation, having recently introduced their StarSense technology that will automatically align their go to system using a single optical sensor. All Celetron telescopes and accessories are backed by a two year factory warranty.

  • Celestron Telescopes

    Celestron Telescopes


    Celestron telescopes have been one of the most popular brands in the field for nearly four decades.

  • Celestron Telescope Mounts

    Celestron Telescope Mounts


    Celestron offers a selection of telescope mounts spanning from beginner level through heavy duty units suitable for astrophotography.

  • Celestron Eyepieces and Barlows

    Celestron Eyepieces and Barlows


    Celestron offers a selection of quality eyepieces and Barlow lenses to extend the reach of your telescope.

  • Celestron Telescope Accessories

    Celestron Telescope Accessories


    Celestron offers a wider variety of telescope accessories, most of which may be used with other brands of telescopes as well.

  • Celestron Imaging Accessories

    Celestron Imaging Accessories


    Celestron offers a selection of photographic accessories that include CCD cameras, autoguiders, and planetary imaging cameras.

  • Celestron Binoculars

    Celestron Binoculars


    Celestron SkyMaster binoculars offer some of the best values available in large aperture astronomical binoculars.

  • Celestron Spotting Scopes

    Celestron Spotting Scopes


    Celestron offers several lines on spotting scopes that include both catadioptric and the more traditional refractor style scopes.

  • Celestron Microscopes

    Celestron Microscopes


    Celestron digital microscopes allow you to view your subject on a PC or an integral LCD screen.

  • Celestron Weather Stations

    Celestron Weather Stations


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