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Celestron Eyepieces and Barlows

Celestron Eyepieces and Barlows
Celestron offers a selection of quality eyepieces and Barlow lenses to extend the reach of your telescope. The Celestron X-Cel LX line offers a 60 degree apparent field and generous eye relief at prices that are hard to beat.

Celestron Omni

Celestron Omni are quality starter eyepieces featuring fully multi-coated lenses with blackened edges to maximize light transmission and contrast.

Celestron X-Cel LX

Celestron X-Cel LX eyepieces with their 60 degree apparent field represent a significant upgrade to the standard eyepieces supplied with most telescopes.

Celestron Ultima Duo

Celestron Ultima Duo eyepieces serve dual purposes for both visual use and eyepiece projection photography.

Celestron Barlows

Celestron Barlow lenses allow you to double or triple the magnification of your existing eyepieces.

Celestron Eyepiece and Filter Sets

Celestron offers starter eyepiece and filter kits that offer a wide range of magnifications in most any telescope.