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Celestron Telescope Accessories

Celestron Telescope Accessories
Celestron offers a wider variety of telescope accessories, most of which may be used with other brands of telescopes as well.

Celestron Counterweights

Celestron counterweights are specifically matched to the unique counterweight shaft diameters of the different models of Celestron mounts.

Celestron Diagonals

Celestron offers star diagonals and erecting prisms, including one of the few 2" Star diagonals specifically designed for use with Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes.

Celestron Electronic Accessories

Celestron electronic accessories include the Starsense auto-alignment accessory, SkySync GPS receiver and other items needed to interface your telescope to a PC.

Celestron Filters

Celestron ofers a handful of the most common and useful filters, including moon filters and both UHC and Oxygen-III nebular filters.

Celestron Power Accessories

Celestron power accessories include field batteries or Power Tanks, DC power cords and AC/DC adapters.