Celestron Telescope Accessories

Celestron offers a wider variety of telescope accessories, most of which may be used with other brands of telescopes as well.

  • Celestron Counterweights

    Celestron Counterweights


    Celestron counterweights are specifically matched to the unique counterweight shaft diameters of the different models of Celestron mounts.

  • Celestron Diagonals

    Celestron Diagonals


    Celestron offers star diagonals and erecting prisms, including one of the few 2" Star diagonals specifically designed for use with Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes.

  • Celestron Electronic Accessories

    Celestron Electronic Accessories


    Celestron electronic accessories include the Starsense auto-alignment accessory, SkySync GPS receiver and other items needed to interface your telescope to a PC.

  • Celestron Filters

    Celestron Filters


    Celestron ofers a handful of the most common and useful filters, including moon filters and both UHC and Oxygen-III nebular filters.

  • Celestron Finders

    Celestron Finders


  • Celestron Power Accessories

    Celestron Power Accessories


    Celestron power accessories include field batteries or Power Tanks, DC power cords and AC/DC adapters.

  • Celestron Miscellaneous Accessories

    Celestron Miscellaneous Accessories


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