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Coronado Personal Solar Telescope


Manufacturer: Coronado
UPC: 709942995022
Aperture (mm): 40 mm
Bandpass: 1 angstrom


The Coronado Personal Solar Telescope was Coronado's attempt to allow everyone to experience the Sun in Hydrogen Alpha wavelength. Prior to the introduction of the PST, observing the sun in hydrogen-alpha wavelength required an investment of well over $1000 just for the filter, which was above and beyond the investment in a telescope and mount. While it may be small in size, the PST has always been capable of revealing prominences along the solar limb. Under ideal conditions it will also reveal a hint of surface detail across the solar disk.

The Coronado solar telescope represents the same technology and quality that goes into a Coronado SolarMax series telescope, but with a few unique design characteristics that allow us to offer it for less than some premium eyepieces. The PST will show you prominences, active regions, filaments, as well as other surface details. Simply stated, there’s no other option for observing the Sun in Hydrogen-Alpha wavelength that offers so much performance for so little money.

What Do Real Customers Say?

"To be honest I was not expecting too much, bearing in mind the cost and diminutive nature of the scope, I finally set up in the late afternoon. Alignment of the scope is a breeze using the inbuilt sun finder, as I looked through the eyepiece I could see a red sun with a small sunspot but no prominences or H-A detail and then decided to try the tuner, as I rotated the ring the view changed, prominences popped into view! With a little further tweaking filaments, faculae, and orange peel surface came into view in incredible detail! Absolutely brilliant..." - Mr. N. Longshaw, U.K.

Get Started With the Coronado PST

The PST from Coronado is made from milled aluminum, not plastic! It comes with a built in Sol Ranger for easy alignment, a 12mm Kellner eyepiece, and a reusable box with dye cut foam for safe storage. Optional accessories include a hard travel case, MALTA tabletop mount, CEMAX series eyepieces, and SolarMax 40 for double stacking and narrowing the bandpass. To add a SolarMax 40, you will need to purchase the T-Max 40 as well to attach the unit directly to the PST.

Interested in getting the Coronado P.S.T. for yourself? This solar telescope and more are available through the Skies Unlimited store both online and in our physical store. Browse our website today to see your options and get started on your astronomical journey.

Learn More About Coronado Telescopes

Have questions the Coronado solar telescope and why this PST is a good choice for your viewing needs? Call Skies Unlimited today to speak with one of our specialists on staff. Each member of our highly experienced team is an amateur astronomer themselves and can provide you with advice based on their own personal and professional experiences. Regardless of your question, we guarantee we’ll provide you with a satisfactory answer.

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