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Daystar Hydrogen Alpha 0.7 Angstrom Quantum PE Filter


Manufacturer: DayStar Filters


Daystar Quantum PE Hydrogen Alpha filters with 0.7 angstrom bandwidths will reveal prominences in high contrast and occasionally, surface texture. 

Our precision Quantum housing incorporates ALL of the desired features for today's solar astronomer... and then some. Operation couldn't be simpler, just plug it in and a green light indicates when the filter is onband.

The housing offers live LCD readout of the filter's wavelength output (accurate to 0.1A) and red /blue wing shift buttons that can precisely tune wavelength up or down for Doppler studies. The unit operates at 12VDC for field or battery use, included is a 100-240 power supply with US, European, UK and Australian adapter wall plates and even includes a serial port for computer control capability for on-screen display of filter readout. The new Quantum Series body style is all about ease of operation.... total simplicity.

Our Quantum PE grade series is designed for professional research studies and applications in which precision homogeneity and onband transmitance values across the substrate surface are required. These filters require additional quality control steps and additional fabrication and testing time.

Quantum Control Hydrogen Alpha
0.8 Angstrom Image

Filters with 0.8 angstrom bandwidths will reveal prominences in high contrast.

0.7 Angstrom Image

Filters with 0.7 angstrom bandwidths will reveal prominences in high contrast and occasionally, surface texture. Prominences are generally larger with .7A filters than in narrower bandwidths.

0.6 Angstrom Image

Filters with 0.6 angstrom bandwidths will reveal some surface contrast as well as prominences. A .6A filter can be a good compromise for those having a difficult decision.

0.5 Angstrom Image

Filters with 0.5 angstrom bandwidths will reveal better surface contrast as well as great prominences.

0.4 Angstrom Image

Filters with 0.4 angstrom bandwidths will reveal excellent surface contrast as well as fine chromosphere detail.

0.3 Angstrom Image

Filters with 0.3A angstrom bandwidths will reveal superior surface contrast above any other filter. Views are generally somewhat dimmer. Expect "Pencil-Thin" details on surface and prominence features.

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