Explore Scientific AR127 127mm Achromatic Refractor Telescope
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Explore Scientific AR127 127mm Achromatic Refractor Telescope

The Explore Scientific AR127 is a large aperture refractor designed to handle the rigors of public star parties and educational outreach.

The Explore Scientific AR127 provides classic air-spaced doublet achromat optics made with crown-and-flint glass, making it an excellent achromatic refractor telescope. The superior-class optical figure provided by this 127mm refractor telescope means that it produces stunning images to viewers using the eyepiece. Best of all, Explore Scientific AR127 astrophotography comes at a small fraction of the price you'd pay for a comparably sized apochromatic refractor. With five inches of unobstructed aperture, the AR127 will easily resolve individual stars in globular clusters. Drop in a low power two-inch eyepiece, and you will easily see the Andromeda galaxy in its entirety.

The Explore Scientific AR Series telescopes come with heavy-duty, high-quality components, making it a great choice if you're looking for a refractor telescope that can handle the rigors of public star parties and educational outreach programs. These components include a 2" dual-speed Crayford-style focuser, a one-piece 2" diagonal with 99% dielectric coatings, an 8 X 50 finder scope and quick release bracket, and a cradle ring assembly with Vixen-style dovetail mount. Just add a few eyepieces and the alt-azimuth or equatorial mount of your choice and you'll be ready to discover the Universe!

Explore Air-Spaced Doublet Refractor Highlights

  • Reasonably compact f/6.5 optics.
  • The tube assembly is constructed from aluminum and stainless steel and painted gloss white.
  • Classic Air-Spaced Doublet apochromatic optics made with Crown & Flint glass
  • Research-grade, diffraction limited optics.
  • Enhanced Multi-Layer Coatings (EMD) are deposited on optical elements to boost contrast and eliminate light scatter.
  • While refractors seldom require additional collimation after initial factory adjustment, the lens cell design allows for consumer collimation. Sending off to the factory is an option, but is not required.
  • All models come with a heavy-duty 2" Crayford-style two-speed focuser.
  • The heavy-duty 2" diagonal has 99% dielectric coatings for high contrast, bright images. A 1.25" compression ring adapter is included.
  • Includes an 8x50 straight-thru finderscope with a wide 6-degree field of view. The front objective is focusable.
  • To attach your Explore Scientific Air-Spaced Doublet telescope to a variety of mounts, we have included an extra strong extruded aluminum Cradle Ring Assembly and Universal Adjustable Mounting Plate. The "Vixen-style" plate fits mounts made by Explore, Meade, Celestron, Vixen & others.

Explore STAR Warranty

All Explore Scientific Products sold within North America are covered by a standard one-year limited warranty. However, if you register your new product within 60 days of purchase, it is covered under the Explore STAR Transferable North America Unlimited Lifetime Product Warranty program. The full details of this extended warranty are available here (PDF, opens in separate window.)

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Telescope Type Achromatic Refractor
Aperture (in.) 5 inches
Aperture (mm) 127 mm
Focal Ratio f/6.5
Focal Length 825 mm
Limiting Visual Magnitude 13.1
Focuser Type Dual-speed Crayford
Focuser Size 2-inch
Star Diagonal 2-inch dielectric mirror
Finder 8 x 50 Optical
Optical Tube Weight 16 lbs.
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