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Explore Scientific ED127 Essential Edition Telescope

$1549.99  $1899.00

SKU: ES-ED127075-03
Manufacturer: Explore Scientific
UPC: 812257014965
Aperture (in.): 5 inches
Aperture (mm): 127 mm
Focal Ratio: f/7.5
Focal Length: 952 mm
Limiting Visual Magnitude: 13.1
Accepts 2-inch Eyepieces: Yes
Focuser Type: Dual-speed rack and pinion
Focuser Size: 2-inch
Finder: None
Star Diagonal: 2-inch dielectric mirror
Optical Tube Weight: 19 lbs.


The Explore Scientific ED127 Essential Edition is a classic white refractor offering larger aperture and apochromatic performance. 

The Explore Scientific ED127 Essential Edition is a large 5-inch apochromatic refractor at a truly amazing price. This telescope includes a two-inch two-speed focuser, two-inch dielectric diagonal, tube rings with Vixen style dovetail. If you are looking for a big apochromatic refractor without an equally big price tag, then the Explore Scientific ED127would be a good place to start. This telescope combines excellent mechanical construction and optics. With a full five inches of unobstructed aperture, this telescope is equally at home when observing the moon, planets, double stars or deep space objects. The moderately long focal ratio of f/7.5 makes this a sizable instrument. We recommend German Equatorial mounts with a 30 pound instrument capacity as an absolute minimum platform for this telescope.

Here is what one highly qualified independent reviewer had to say about this telescope:

"Exceptional well figured optics. The star test was nearly text book perfect, and using Suiter as a guide I would have to rate the optics at better then 1/6 wave. False color through this triplet is highly suppressed, giving a very pleasing true appearance through the eyepiece. The contrast is superb, this scope is doing what a refractor does best, putting all the light energy into the tiniest point possible. Both planetary, and double star observers will be thrilled. Lunar observers will get lost in the crisp detail on the moon. The 5" aperture is no slouch for deep sky observers. I easily glimpsed the "Fetus" nebula NGC 7008 in Cygnus, and resolution was apparent in globulars such as M13 and M3 . The scopes mechanics were a big plus, especially compared to the ED 120. I really liked the focuser, it was very smooth, and held my heaviest of eyepieces at the zenith with no focus drift. The graduated markings on the focuser assembly, makes it easier for imagers to return to a specific focus point while imaging. The micro baffling inside the draw tube of the focuser increases contrast. The 11 plus inch Dew shield provides ample dew protection plus inhibits extraneous light entrance to again increase contrast. The "white" OTA makes it look like what a refractor should look like. Something about a big white refractor. The painting and decals are top rate. The scope is a hefty 19 lbs., but the CG-5 type mount with the steel tripod held it firmly for visual use."

About Explore Scientific Air-Spaced Triplet Apochromatic Refractors

When the designers at Explore Scientific set their sights on creating a top-quality apochromatic refractor that anyone would be proud to own, they decided on a traditional air-spaced triplet optical design in a rugged, adjustable lens cell. All materials had to be top-notch, so genuine Hoya extra-low dispersion (ED) Dense Fluor Crown (FCD1) glass was chosen, and then experienced craftsmen shaped and polished the elements that would form the foundation of a high-quality, true APO refractor.

All Explore Scientific Air-Spaced Triplet APO Refractors are diffraction-limited at 1/4 wave or better. Special EMD enhanced multi-layer coatings are deposited on all optical surfaces, and the result is bright, high contrast images with virtually no light scatter. Interferometic data on your newly purchased and registered Explore apochromatic refractor is available upon request. Time restrictions apply; please contact Customer Service at Explore Scientific for more information.

While optics are definitely the most important component of any telescope, other features, like the focuser, the finder, and the optical tube, play a crucial role in the design. Below you will find highlights on all of the ingredients used to create Explore Scientific Triplet APO refractors, including a very liberal warranty that speaks volumes about the confidence that Explore Scientific has in these telescopes telescopes!

Explore Air-Spaced Triplet APO Refractor Highlights

  • Available in 80mm, 102mm, 127mm & 152mm apertures
  • Tube assemblies are available in aluminum (Essential) or Carbon Fiber editions
  • Air-Spaced Apochromatic Triplets with true APO optics
  • Diffraction limited at .25PV or better
  • Genuine ED glass from Hoya Japan
  • Enhanced Multi-Layer Coatings (EMD) are deposited on optical elements to boost contrast and eliminate light scatter.
  • Contrast is further enhanced with the installation of matte black knife-edge baffles in the optical tube assembly.
  • While refractors seldom require additional collimation after initial factory adjustment, the lens cell design allows for consumer collimation. Sending off to the factory is an option, but is not required.
  • 80mm - 127mm models come with a heavy-duty 2" Crayford-style dual-speed 10:1 focuser
  • The 152mm model comes with a special edition 3" rack & pinion dual-speed 10:1 focuser, made for Explore Scientific by Starlight Instruments. A 2" compression ring adapter is included.
  • To attach your Explore Scientific Air-Spaced Triplet telescope to a variety of mounts, we have included the Universal Adjustable Mounting Plate. The "Vixen-style" plate fits mounts made by Explore, Meade, Celestron, Vixen & others.

Explore STAR Warranty

All Explore Scientific Products sold within North America are covered by a standard one year limited warranty; however, when the new product is registered within 60 days of purchase, it is covered under the Explore STAR Transferable North America Unlimited Lifetime Product Warranty program. The full details of this extended warranty are available here (PDF, opens in separate window.)

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