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Explore Scientific Eyepieces

Explore Scientific Eyepieces
Explore Scientific Explore Scientific offers several competitive eyepiece lines with apparent fields ranging from 68 degrees to an astonishing 120 degrees. Explore Scientific eyepieces offer an exceptional value with their 82 degree series being by far the most popular. Anyone on a limited budget who aspires to own either ultrawide or extremely wide field eyepieces need look no further than these great selections from Explore Scientific.

Explore Scientific 82 Degree Eyepieces

Explore Scientific 82 Degree eyepieces represent a value priced option in the ultra wide field eyepiece market.

Explore Scientific 92 Degree LE Series Eyepieces

The 92 Degree LE Series eyepieces combine a wide apparent field with long eye relief for a comfortable and immersive viewing experience.

Explore Scientific 100 Degree Eyepieces

Explore Scientific 100 degree series eyepieces represent a great value in the extremely wide field eyepieces.