Jim's Mobile Industries is a leading manufacturer of aftermarket telescope accessories. JMI is perhaps best know for their line of hard shell cases for telescopes and telescope mounts. They also produce focusers and wheely bar systems that allow you to easily move a fully assembled telescope and tripod.

  • JMI Telescope Cases

    JMI Telescope Cases


    JMI produces the most widely recognized line of hard sided telescopes available today.

  • JMI Wheely Bars

    JMI Wheely Bars


    JMI Wheely Bars are a must have accessory for large telescopes, allowing the telescope to remain fully assembled and wheeled out when needed.

  • JMI Focusers and Accessories

    JMI Focusers and Accessories


    JMI Event Horizon Focuser is a low-profile, friction-drive focuser designed for zero image shift and zero backlash.

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