Losmandy Astronomical Products produces a highly acclaimed line of precision German equatorial mounts, the Gemini go to control system, dovetail systems, and a variety of telescope accessories. Losmandy products offer quality, innovation, and are made right here in the USA.

  • Losmandy Telescope Mounts

    Losmandy Telescope Mounts


    Losmandy produces premium quality German equatorial mounts that are highly prized by serious astrophotographers.

  • Losmandy Telescope Mount Accessories

    Losmandy Telescope Mount Accessories


    Losmandy offers a complete line of accessories to help you attain the highest levels of enjoyment and performance from your Losmandy mount.

  • Losmandy V Series

    Losmandy V Series


    Losmandy V Series dovetail bars measure 1-7/10 inches in width and are ideal for mounting smaller telescopes and accessories.

  • Losmandy D Series

    Losmandy D Series


    Losmandy D Series dovetail bars measure four inches in width and are ideal for mounting heavier optical tubes or accessories.

  • Losmandy Universal DV Accessories

    Losmandy Universal DV Accessories


    Losmandy DV Series accessories will attach to either D or V Series dovetail bars and are ideal sharing accessories between a variety of telescopes.

  • Losmandy Telescope Accessories

    Losmandy Telescope Accessories


    Losmandy counterweight systems for Schmidt-Cassegrains allow you compensate for the weight of imaging gear mounted to the rear of the telescope.

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