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Meade 507 Cable Connector Kit


SKU: 07047
Manufacturer: Meade Instruments
Availability: IN STOCK
Weight: 1.00 lbs


Meade #507 Cable is used to update the firmware on the AutoStar II computer used on LX200 telescopes. This Cable Connector Kit allows connecting your LX200-ACF Autostar II keypad to the serial port (not USB) on your personal computer/laptop. Also compatible with LX200GPS and LX200 "Classic" (pre-Autostar). Length is six feet. Software not included. May also be used with USB adapter (sold separately) to connect to an available USB port on the PC.

Note: this is a RS-232 serial port interface. Few if any computers available today include such ports, so a USB to RS-232 adapter is also required. USB Adapter is available for separate purchase.