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Meade Instruments

Meade Instruments
Meade Instruments is one of the most innovative Telescope manufacturers serving both the amateur and educational markets. Their LX200 series telescopes were the first commercially successful line of go to telescopes, and were the standard against which all others were judged for more than a decade. Meade is best know for Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes with apertures of up to sixteen inches.

Meade Telescopes

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Meade Telescope Mounts

At present Meade Instruments offers only the LX850 mount with the Starlock autoguiding system as a stand alone offering.

Meade Eyepieces and Barlows

Meade Instruments offers quality eyepieces that will compliment almost any telescope.

Meade Telescope Accessories

Meade sells a number of telescope accessories that either enhance the functionality of, or serve as upgrades to their various telescope lines.

Meade Imaging Accessories

Meade offers a limited number of accessories for imaging with their mid to upper tier telescope lines.