Meade Telescopes

Meade telescopes and accessories are used by beginners and major universities alike. Meade has been a pioneer in the development of telescopes that automatically align themselves, and their Starlock technology that combines automatic alignment and autoguiding.

  • Meade Beginner Telescopes

    Meade Beginner Telescopes


    Meade Instruments offers several simple point and shoot type telescope that swill provide a very cost effective way to get started with astronomy.

  • Meade LX850

    Meade LX850


    LX850 is the current flagship of the Meade telescope line featuring an integrated guide scope and autoguider for imaging applications.

  • Meade LX90

    Meade LX90


    Meade LX90 has always been one of our favorite telescopes because of the combination of stability and portability it offers.

  • Meade LX200

    Meade LX200


    Meade LX200 is arguably the finest fork mounted go to telescope ever produced in quantity.

  • Meade LightBridge

    Meade LightBridge


    Meade LightBridge Dobsonian telescopes offer large apertures of 10, 12, and 16 inches with a highly portable truss tube design.

  • Meade LightSwitch

    Meade LightSwitch


    Meade LightSwitch telescopes were the first to offer a fully automated go to alignment process.

  • Meade LX600

    Meade LX600


    LX600 is an evolution of the venerable LX200 incorporating the Starlock automatic alignment and autoguiding technology from the LX850 series.

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