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Meade Telescopes

Meade Telescopes
Meade Instruments is renowned across the world as one of the most innovative telescope companies in the field. Meade Instruments’ telescopes and accessories are nothing if not groundbreaking, and are used by beginners and major universities alike.

Meade is especially well known for pioneering the development of telescopes that automatically align themselves, as well as the Meade StarLock technology that combines automatic alignment and autoguiding. These advancements in telescopic designs have made amateur astronomy more accessible and enjoyable than ever before.

Meade Beginner Telescopes

Meade Instruments offers several simple point and shoot type telescope that swill provide a very cost effective way to get started with astronomy.

Meade LX850

LX850 is the current flagship of the Meade telescope line featuring an integrated guide scope and autoguider for imaging applications.

Meade LX90

Meade LX90 has always been one of our favorite telescopes because of the combination of stability and portability it offers.

Meade LX200

Meade LX200 is arguably the finest fork mounted go to telescope ever produced in quantity.

Meade LightBridge

Meade LightBridge Dobsonian telescopes offer large apertures of 10, 12, and 16 inches with a highly portable truss tube design.

Meade LightSwitch

Meade LightSwitch telescopes were the first to offer a fully automated go to alignment process.

Meade LX600

LX600 is an evolution of the venerable LX200 incorporating the Starlock automatic alignment and autoguiding technology from the LX850 series.

Meade Telescope Series

Meade has developed several technologies designed to make astronomy easy, as well as some meant to break new visual grounds. These advancements have brought incredible visual experiences to a wider array of amateur astronomers than ever before. Most notable of the Meade telescope series to bring about these experiences include:

  • Meade LX Series: Meade's LX series of telescopes offers similar designs with varying performances. The Meade LX90 ACF 8-inch telescope is a favorite for amateur astronomers purchasing their first large-aperture telescope, while the Meade telescope LX200 offers more professional optics for serious amateur astronomers. Both offer coma-free optics and excellent images. They differ greatly from the Meade LX600 and LX850, both of which are professional astroimaging telescopes. The Meade LX850, in particular, is heralded by some as the new standard in astrophotographic visual performance.
  • Meade ETX Series: The Meade ETX series is designed specifically for novice astronomers, offering high-quality images at a great value. Several varints exist, including an 80mm refractor telescope, the Meade ETX-90 Maksutov-Cassegrain,  t and the Meade ETX 125 Observer.

Meade believes in providing a remarkable experience for every amateur astronomer. At Skies Unlimited, we believe the same thing, which is why we offer both a wide selection of Meade telescopes and accessories and a staff of experienced amateur astronomers to help our clients achieve more in their astronomical journey.

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