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Meade LightSwitch

Meade LightSwitch

Meade LightSwitch telescopes were the first to offer a fully automated go to alignment process. As the name was meant to imply, you simply throw the power switch and stand back while the telescope aligns itself. This automation required the use of four separate sensors, including a compass, level detector, GPS, and a small camera. The entire process takes about eight minutes.

Celestron responded to this development several years later with their own automated alignment process that is found on their Skyprodigy series telescopes and in their Starsense accessory. Starsense relies on a single sensor and takes about two minutes to complete the alignment process. Each system has its advantages and disadvantages, but in our experience, the Meade system works right out of the box under almost any sky conditions. The Celestron system requires manual settings changes if the telescope will be used under very dark rural skies.

Meade 6" LightSwitch ACF Telescope
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Meade 8" LightSwitch ACF Telescope
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