Orion 5 Amp AC-to-12V DC Power Adapter
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Orion 5 Amp AC-to-12V DC Power Adapter

Orion’s 5 Amp AC-to-12V DC Power Adapter provides plenty of power for both a telescope mount and dew heater system on a single circuit, provided that you have a splitter to accommodate multiple connections.

The Orion 5 Amp AC-to-12V DC Power Adapter has a high current rating making it the ideal choice to power 12 volt astronomy equipment. The adapter lets you supply power to your 12V DC equipment from a household 120V AC outlet. It's just what you need to run high-power 12V accessories rated at 5 amps or less. The adapter features a three-prong AC plug on one end, and a 12V auto lighter receptacle on the other end.

This 5 Amp AC-to-12V DC Power Adapter is perfect for backyard amatuer astronomy hobbyists who have and use 12V astronomy accessories in an observing location located near a household power outlet. The Power Adapter works well with telescope mounts, DSLR Coolers for astrophotography, dew heaters, and other astronomy accessories.


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