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Orion Extra Narrowband H-Alpha Filter - 1.25-inch


SKU: 05587
Manufacturer: Orion Telescopes and Binoculars


Take high-contrast images of emission nebulae with this specialized extra narrowband h-alpha filters. 
  • Take high-contrast CCD images of emission nebulas in full moonlight or in extreme light pollution with this specialized extra narrowband h-alpha astrophotography filters
  • Astrophotography filter provides 90% transmission at H-alpha line of 656.3nm and very narrow bandpass of 7nm
  • Reveals subtle nebular details which are usually washed out by contrast-killing broadband light
  • Also works great in conjunction with other filters for more advanced astrophotography techniques
  • Astrophotography filter with metal filter cell threads into standard 1.25" camera nosepiece, Orion Nautilus 1.25" Filter Wheel or Orion Multiple 1.25" Filter Wheel

Get Great Nebula Images Under City Lights or a Full Moon with the Orion Hydrogen-Alpha Extra Narrowband Astrophotography Filter!

Imagine capturing brilliant, high-contrast images of nebulas in full moonlight or in the thick of downtown light pollution. Bring it on, because you can do just that with Orion's H-alpha Extra Narrowband Astrophotography filter.

Designed exclusively for deep-sky astrophotography of emission nebulas with CCD cameras, this high-performance telescope filter transmits 90 percent of light at the hydrogen-alpha line of 656.3nm and has a very narrow full width at half-maximum (FWHM) bandpass of 7nm. It blocks out all other light, including artificial light pollution and moonlight. It also blocks infrared (IR) light. The result is a dramatic boost in contrast, revealing subtle nebular details that are usually washed out by contrast-killing broadband light. Stars come out tight and sharp.

This filter is also ideal for capturing luminance data for LRGB color imaging of hydrogen-alpha emission nebulae with Orion's monochrome imaging cameras or other similar monchrome cameras. When the monochromatic H-alpha image is combined with the exposures taken through red, green, and blue filters, the resulting color image teems with fine details that are "missing in action" in a standard color shot.

The Orion H-alpha Extra Narrowband Astrophotography filter is the perfect accessory for Orion's monochrome imaging cameras. The 1.25"-diameter telescope filter threads into the nosepiece of the camera or an Orion multiple filter wheel. And the price is better than many lesser-quality H-alpha filters on the market!

Note: This filter should NOT be used for solar observation.

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