Orion Oxygen-III Filter 1.25-inch
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Orion Oxygen-III Filter 1.25-inch

Orion 05581 Oxygen-III filter is used to increase contrast on supernovae remnants such as the Veil Nebula when using 1.25-inch eyepieces.

  • Orion's Oxygen-III (O-III) eyepiece filter reveals wondrous details when viewing cloudy nebulas
  • Filter transmits close to 90% of the light corresponding to 2 oxygen-III spectral lines at 496nm and 501nm for enhanced nebula detail in visual views
  • Completely blocks virtually all other visible wavelengths of light so views of nebulas are optimized
  • Eyepiece filter features high quality optical glass in a double-threaded, metal filter cell
  • Recommended for use with telescopes of 8" aperture or greater for best results and for visual use only

You can't turn up the luminosity on nebulas, but you can crank up the contrast between them and the sky to reveal more of their wondrous detail. Our Oxygen-III telescope filter provides extremely selective filtration to bring out elusive detail in diffuse and planetary nebulas. It does so by transmitting close to 90% of the light corresponding to the two oxygen-III spectral lines at 496nm and 501nm while completely blocking virtually all other wavelengths. The results are remarkable. You'll see more detail than you ever could before in nebular gems such as the Swan, Ring, Dumbbell, Helix, and Eagle, to name a few. The O-III provides an even greater contrast boost on some objects than the UltraBlock narrowband telescope filter. And for nebulas, every little bit helps! Try the Oxygen-III telescope filter with a low-power 2" telescope eyepiece and take in the whole Veil Nebula. Wow!


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