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Orion Paragon Plus Bino Mount and Tripod


SKU: 05379
Manufacturer: Orion Telescopes and Binoculars
UPC: 759270053796


The Orion Paragon Plus is our favorite mount for binoculars in the 70mm class. 
  • Sturdy and stable astronomy binocular mount makes binocular viewing sessions comfortable by eliminating arm strain and shakiness
  • Mount allows you to raise and lower the attached pair of binoculars while staying fixed on a target, a wonderful feature when two or more people of varying height are observing together
  • Features sliding counterweight for balance, L-adapter for binocular attachment, and a pinch-free design to save your fingers!
  • Included Orion Paragon XHD tripod features leg-locks and graduated marks for easy and repeatable setup in the field
  • Amazing range! Maximum mounted binocular height is 7-feet 7-inche, minimum height is 2-feet 7-inches. Weighs 19.8 lbs assembled

Stargazing with big binoculars is an idyllic pleasure, but trying to hold heavy astronomical binoculars steady in your hands is a challenge, to say the least. Using a standard tripod is a big help, but height limitations of most field tripods can lead to uncomfortable viewing and shaky images. Luckily, our Orion Paragon-Plus Binocular Mount can provide any big binocular fan with precision and comfort for hour after hour of two-eyed touring of the heavens. It’s a parallelogram-style mount that comes complete with our sturdiest professional field tripod, the rock-solid Paragon-Plus XHD (less pan head), for one very attractive price. The mount’s silky smooth motion provides relaxing views for hours on end with binoculars as large as 80mm in aperture. It eliminates arm strain and shakiness, and allows you to aim your binocular high overhead, even to the zenith, while you stand or sit comfortably underneath. Ahhh! No more arm and shoulder strain from holding up those big binoculars for extended views!

What's more, you can raise and lower the Paragon-Plus parallelogram-style mount and attached binoculars while staying fixed on a target, a wonderful feature when two or more people of varying height are observing together. Using the Paragon-Plus is a great way for the whole family to enjoy stable views through a great pair of big astronomical binoculars.

Solidly constructed of aluminum, the Orion Paragon-Plus Binocular Mount and Tripod features a sliding counterweight to ensure perfect balance and a sturdy L-adapter for attaching virtually any tripod-adaptable binoculars. Any binocular with at least 1 3/8-inches (35mm) of space around the tripod adapter port will work with this heavy-duty binocular mount. The tripod and binocular mount each come fully assembled. The Paragon XHD extra heavy-duty tripod features leg lock clamps and graduated leg markings for quick, easy and conveniently repeatable setup in the field.

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