Orion Telescope Accessories

Orion offers one of the most complete line of quality telescope accessories available today. We often recommend Orion brand accessories for use with other brands of telescopes due to the combination of quality and value that they offer. Orion brand filters and star diagonals are among the more popular accessories we offer.

  • Orion Cases

    Orion Cases


    Orion offers both telescope an accessory cases to protect and transport your equipment.

  • Orion Diagonals

    Orion Diagonals


    Orion offers star diagonals that may be used to upgrade many refractors and Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes.

  • Orion Electronic Accessories

    Orion Electronic Accessories


    This category includes laser collimators, red flashlights, and other electronic accessories with the exception power supplies.

  • Orion Filters

    Orion Filters


    Orion offers a selection of competitively priced astronomical filters for both visual and photographic applications.

  • Orion Finders

    Orion Finders


    Orion offers a variety of finder scopes and associated mounting hardware, including the very popular 9x50 Right Angle Correct Image model.

  • Orion Mounting Rings

    Orion Mounting Rings


    Orion offers both fixed mounting rings for telescope and guide scope rings with three point adjustments.

  • Orion Power Accessories

    Orion Power Accessories


    Orion offers both AC/DC power adapters and 12 VDC field batteries for use with computerized go to mounts and telescopes, and other accessories.

  • Starry Night Planetarium Software

    Starry Night Planetarium Software

  • Orion Miscellaneous Accessories

    Orion Miscellaneous Accessories


    Miscellaneous accessories from Orion include focusers, optics cleaning, and light shrouds for truss tube Dobsonians.

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