Revolution Imager System R2
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Revolution Imager System R2

The Revolution Imager system includes everything you need to get up and running with your video astronomy camera so you can view celestial objects on a display screen instead of through an eyepiece.

About the Revolution Imager System

With the Revolution imager, all you must do is make some simple connections, and you can use the power of the most modern technology to see celestial objects on the included color monitor using a modestly sized telescope. See the mountains, valleys and seas of the Moon. Easily change the exposure of the video camera and seamlessly begin seeing the reds and greens of emission nebulae, or even see the spiral arms of the Whirlpool Galaxy!

These video astronomy capabilities are possible from your own backyard using the amazing sensitivity of the most modern Sony imaging chips and built in live automated video processing. You will be blown away at what even the most modest tracking telescopes will show you in just a few seconds of exposure!

The Revolution Astronomy Imager includes everything you need to get up-and-running and get the most out of your existing telescope. Included are:

  • Portable 7" LCD monitor.
  • 12v Li-Ion Battery with a charger to run both the camera and LCD screen.
  • 0.5x Focal Reducer to dramatically widen the field of view.
  • UV/IR filter.
  • Hand-held remote control to control the camera.
  • Shock-proof carry case.
  • All required cables.

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Learn More About Video Astronomy

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