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Sky-Watcher USA is the US division of Sky-Watcher, a global leader in telescopes and astronomical instrumentation. The Sky-Watcher brand has been recognized outside of the USA for more than a decade, but has only recently become directly available in the US market. Many Sky-Watcher telescopes have been marketed here in the US for over a decade under other brand names. Recent changes in the industry have allowed Sky Watcher to enter the US market under their own brand name.

Are you searching for a fine telescope for your astronomical pursuits? Look no further! Sky-Watcher USA offers the equipment you need at a value that makes sense in today’s economy.

Sky-Watcher Telescopes

Sky-Watcher offers a unique line ofcollapsible Dobsonian telescopes, as well as both ED Doublet and Apochromatic triplet refractors.

Sky-Watcher Mounts

Sky-Watcher brand telescope mounts have been available worldwide for years and are now being offered directly to the US market.