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Sky-Watcher Telescopes

Sky-Watcher Telescopes
Sky-Watcher offers a unique line of collapsible Dobsonian telescopes, as well as both ED Doublet and Apochromatic triplet refractors. A number of Sky-Watcher telescopes available outside of the USA, notably the go to Dobsonian models, are not sold in the USA due to distribution agreements with Orion Telescopes and Binoculars.

Sky-Watcher EvoStar ED Doublets

Sky-Watcher EvoStar ED doublet refractors represent an exceptional value for those interested primarily in visual observation of the moon and planets.

Sky-Watcher Esprit Apochromatic Triplets

Sky-Watcher Esprit refractors feature three-element air spaced objective lens design, virtually eliminating false color to yield exceptional contrast and sharpness.

Sky-Watcher Traditional Dobsonians

Sky-Watcher traditional Dobsonian telescopes offer the best value available today in 6, 8, and 10-inch telescopes.

Sky-Watcher Collapsable Dobsonians

Sky-Watcher collapsible Dobsonian telescopes are a unique design that retains much of the portability advantages of the classic truss tube design with a significant reduction in setup time.

Sky-Watcher Go To Collapsable Dobsonians

Sky-Watcher Go To Collapsible Dobsonians combine go to convenience with the cost effective aperture of a Dobsonian.

Sky-Watcher Stargate Truss-Tube Dobsonians

Sky-Watcher Stargate Truss-Tube Dobsonians represent the first mass market telescopes in this size class, with both 18" and 20" models available.