Starlight Instruments

Starlight Instruments manufactures the highly acclaimed Feather Touch focuser and other related accessories. Feather Touch focuser and pinion assemblies are available for a wide variety of telescopes. The 10:1 reduction in all Feather Touch focusers makes achieving a precise focus a snap.

  • Feather Touch Focusers

    Feather Touch Focusers


    When only the best will do, you can be confident that there are none better than the Feather Touch with its silky smooth focus action.

  • Focuser Adapters

    Focuser Adapters


    Starlight Instruments offers precision machined adapters for attaching Feather Touch focusers to many different types and brands of telescope.

  • Focuser Bases

    Focuser Bases


    These precision machined bases from Starlight Instruments attach Feather Touch focusers to Dobsonian and classical Newtonian telescopes.

  • Feather Touch Micro

    Feather Touch Micro


    Starlight Instruments Feather Touch micro pinion assemblies allow you to add dual speed focusing to Schmidt-Cassegrains and some common refractors.

  • Focuser Digital Boss

    Focuser Digital Boss


    Focuser Boss is an electronic focusing system by Starlight Instruments for use with Feather Touch focusers.

  • Micro Touch Digital Kits

    Micro Touch Digital Kits


    Starlight Instruments Micro Touch Focuser Kits allow electronic control of Feather Touch Micro focusers without touching the focuser knob.

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