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Starlight Xpress Maxi USB Filter Wheel 9 x 2


Manufacturer: Starlight Xpress
Availability: IN STOCK


The Maxi USB filter wheel works well with large format sensor and allows you to have both LRGB and narrowband filter sets ready at all times. This model includes a carousel for nine 2" mounted filters; other carousel sizes are also available. A built-in off-axis guide port is included for those who do no wish to use a separate guide scope. We recommend using a very sensitive autoguider such as the Lodestar X2 whenever an off-axis guider is deployed.

The Maxi wheel uses the same control protocol as other USB filter wheels from Starlight Xpress, so there is no need to change your control software if ubgrading from one of the smaller filter wheels. The entire electronic assembly is USB powered and does not need an external power supply when using the USB interface. A serial interface is also included, and a small PP3 style battery will be required for power if that interface is used.

The standard output adaptor ring is a male 72 x 1mm threaded version, intended for coupling to an SX-35 or SX-36 camera, but alternatives are available. We can provide a male or female 68 x 1mm ring, or a 'universal' ring which allows any of our smaller filter wheel rings to be used. For example, the universal ring can couple to a T2 ring for connection to most of the smaller SX cameras. The same rings (male or female) may be used on the input side of the wheel, making the maxi wheel very versatile.

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