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Starlight Xpress SXV-AO-LF Active Optics Standard


Manufacturer: Starlight Xpress


The SXV-AOLF Active Optics guider views the edge of the telescope field via a 10mm square prism to provide image stabilization for astrophotgraphy. 

The highly successful SXV-AO has been updated to allow it to be used with large format cameras. The new SXV-AO-LF has a clear aperture of 59mm and will fully illuminate the H35 and H36 sensors. The SXV-AO-LF replaces the original smaller SXV-AO.

  • Image tracking and stabilisation using a high speed tip-tilt optical window
  • Fast tracking speed of 5 millisecond per increment
  • Overcomes rapid gear errors to stabilize even difficult mounts
  • Mount control output for correcting large drive errors while maintaining AO stabilization
  • Image shift factor independent of optical system or camera back-focus spacing
  • Off-axis guider assembly for use with an SXV/Lodestar guide cameras. Can be removed for use with cameras that have a built in guider.
  • STAR2000 guiding compatible
  • May be used to image stabilize many other makes and types of camera, given suitable control software
  • Clear aperture of 60mm for up to 35mm full-frame size chips
  • Short optical length - 70mm with OAG, 38mm without.
  • Very low light loss (~2%) from the multicoated optics
  • Filter threads for adding 48mm narrow band. IR blocking or pollution rejection filters without affecting the guide camera sensitivity
  • Serial RS232 control via the computer or SXV splitter box. Parallel control available
  • Low power consumption. Less than 600 mA at 12v DC when moving - 50mA quiescent current
  • Compact and lightweight - only 132mm in diameter x 32mm long - less than 700 grams load on the 'scope

The SXV-AOLF should be used with the (included) off-axis guider assembly for the best results with most optical systems. This combination uses an SXV guide head or Lodestar to view the edge of the telescope field via a 10mm square prism and provides accurate positional feedback to the control software. Unlike cameras with an integrated guider chip, the OAG puts the guide camera ahead of any filters that the user fits into the camera ring recess and so its sensitivity is always at maximum. The guide camera mounting is designed to be parfocal with a Starlight Xpress camera when used in this combination - fine focus adjustment is provided by moving the threaded guider mount along the prism tube. If you do not need the OAG barrel (e.g. when using a camera with a built-in OAG or guide chip), you can fit the 72mm or T adapter directly onto the rear of the AO assembly.

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