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Stellarvue C17 Case


SKU: C017
Manufacturer: Stellarvue


Stellarvue's most popular case, the C17 holds all 80-90mm short tube Stellarvue telescopes including all Nighthawks, SV80S and the SV90T and SV90TBV. The C17 case can be carried on a plane. 

This is our latest and most durable travel case ever. It is made using the same materials and construction as our C9/C130 and C160 heavy duty cases. 1" thick padding on all sides, durable rip-stop covering and heavy duty zippers are part of this ultimate solution to import travel cases. This case will hold any of our 80 - 90 mm refractors with diagonal, eyepieces and other accessories. It will also work with our SV105 with the focuser unthreaded and placed in one of the cases compartments. Outside dimensions: 23.5" X 14.5" X 9". The main telescope compartment will hold telescopes up to 21.5" long.

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