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Discontinued Stellarvue Enhanced 2-inch Dielectric Diagonal


SKU: D1029ED
Manufacturer: Stellarvue

This product is no longer available
The Stellarvue Deluxe 2 inch star diagonal features a 1/10 wave mirror and a 99% reflective dielectric coating that enhances contrast and performance. 
  • Includes 1.25 inch adapter (Not Shown)
  • Oversized 1/10 wave mirrors
  • Dielectric coating with 99% reflectivity
  • Adjustable alignment system.
  • Five point cushion system.
  • We test each mirror star diagonal for alignment and star test each one.

Star diagonals are essential in allowing users of astronomical telescopes to view comfortably so all Stellarvue telescopes are designed to be used with them. Unfortunately, many star diagonals have optical issues that can compromise an otherwise excellent telescope optic. Before designing our dielectric mirror diagonals we made an extensive study of after-market diagonals. We tested each one for alignment and optical accuracy on the Zygo Mark IV Interferometer. We discovered that while most mirrors were adequately flat, they were often deformed in their housings or misaligned. Realizing these major pitfalls, we took a full year to design the Stellarvue Dielectric Diagonals to ensure each one is free from these common and damaging issues.

The 99% dielectric coating enhances contrast and deep sky performance to a remarkable degree. Switch from a standard (89%) aluminized diagonal and you will be amazed at the difference. It is like having a larger, higher contrast telescope! We offer substantial discounts on our diagonals when you purchase a Stellarvue telescope. That is because we want your SV telescope to perform perfectly.

Stellarvue designed a cnc housing with four adjusters and five special cushions to ensure that each mirror is accurately aligned and free from pressure that can easily deform the mirror. We tested scores of cushions and ended up with pads that work under extremes in temperature. This eliminated the deformation we found in several mirror star diagonals. Each diagonal leaves here in alignment. Users never need adjust the mirror.

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