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Discontinued Stellarvue SV102-Access with Diagonal

Stellarvue SV102-Access with Diagonal

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Manufacturer: Stellarvue
Telescope Type: Apochromatic Refractor
Aperture (in.): 4 inches
Aperture (mm): 102 mm
Focal Ratio: f/7
Focal Length: 714 mm
Limiting Visual Magnitude: 12.7
Focuser Type: Dual-speed rack and pinion
Focuser Size: 2.5-inch
Star Diagonal: 2-inch dielectric mirror
Optical Tube Weight: 9.2 lbs.

This product is no longer available
The Stellarvue 102 Access telescope is a high-quality apochromatic refractor with a 2.5-inch dual speed focuser that's ideal for people looking for a quality telescope at an attractive price point. 2018 and newer models feature the collet style 2" star diagonal with carbon fiber sides.

About the Stellarvue 102 Access Apo Refractor

Using a unique combination of materials, the Stellarvue SV102A keeps its cost down without sacrificing usability. The objective uses a combination of FPL53 and Lanthanum which will keep the image contrast high. Every lens set is aligned by Stallarvue before shipment so you can be sure that you’ll be getting color-free visual performance but without the high price. With the 2.5-inch focuser, you’ll be able to handle any combination of diagonals and eyepieces. Also, with the superior design of the rack and pinion focuser, you can be assured of smooth yet stable drawtube travel.

The features of the Stellarvue 102 Apo telescope are detailed below:

  • Tube and Dew Shield: The Stellarvue SV102 Refractor telescope comes with an aluminum tube and dew shield that is finished in Instrument White. Fittings are black anodized aluminum. The dew shield retracts reducing the length of the telescope when being stored. Extending the dew-shield minimizes dewing of the objective at night and serves as a glare shade during the daytime.
  • Internal Tube Treatment: The inside of the main tube assembly is painted "ultra-flat black" and is baffled to eliminate tube wall reflections.
  • 2.5" Stellarvue Visual/Photographic Focuser: Our new smooth and stable dual speed, 2.5” focuser provides a full 2.875" of travel. This focuser is perfect for visual use. The Stellarvue focuser on the SV102-Access is fully-rotating, heavy-duty rack and pinion unit designed to carry a higher capacity. It has an ultra-smooth (10:1 Ratio) fine focus control to attain perfect focus every time. An internal brake system allows the user to adjust capacity. All the features add up to one of the finest dual speed focusers available today.
  • Aluminum Hinged Rings: The Access 102 comes with two lightweight, hinged aluminum mounting rings. Each ring has three screws top and bottom. Threaded holes are 6 mm thread. There is one center hole and two holes spaced 38 mm apart. Use the included rail for telescope mounts using the Vixen style rail or use the optional TP6 for mounts that use the larger Losmandy style rail.
  • Vixen Style Rail and Balance: The Access 102 comes with a Vixen style rail with a center 1/4-20 hole and several holes and a slot to permit positioning rings for the best balance.
  • Case: Includes our C009S heavy duty, thickly padded nylon case. These cases are substantially more durable than the thin walled Chinese hard cases.
  • Two-Year Warranty and Stellarvue Service: Stellarvue telescopes and accessories are covered by a two-year warranty, but the warranty doesn’t stop there. Since Stellarvue is a telescope maker, they can repair your telescope for a very nominal fee for years after it goes out of warranty, should you accidentally drop it on concrete or otherwise damage it. Buy a Stellarvue Telescope with confidence and security, backed by their legendary customer service.

If you’re interested in purchasing the Stellarvue 102 Access or another Stellarvue telescope, you can find a wide variety of Stellarvue products, including the 102 Access, at the Skies Unlimited store both online and in our physical store. Shop Skies Unlimited today and learn more about our free shipping options.

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