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Takahashi telescopes are among the finest instruments produced today, bar none. Every Takahashi telescope is hand made in Japan, and produced to extremely tight tolerances. Only the finest components are used and there is a full five-year warranty on all mechanical and optical assemblies.

Takahashi began manufacturing telescopes in 1967. Their manufacturing facilities are located in Urii, Japan with their headquarters located in the Itabahsi prefecture of Tokyo. The facilities include the main assembly and design facility where the instruments and optics designed, are tested and assembled. The second is the sand casting factory. The third is the facility where the observatory mounts the EM-3500 and EM-2500 are assembled along with the machining shop next door to their warehouse facility. The fourth is the mirror grinding, polishing and testing building. Takahashi’s staff includes: optical, design and mechanical engineers many of whom are amateur astronomers, who have discovered new asteroids one of which was named Urii in honor of the city where the Takahashi manufacturing facilities are located.