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Takahashi Telescopes

Takahashi Telescopes

Takahashi telescopes are among the finest instruments produced today, bar none. Every Takahashi telescope is hand made in Japan, and produced to extremely tight tolerances. Only the finest components are used and there is a full five-year warranty on all mechanical and optical assemblies.

Takahashi Refractors

Takahashi refractors are made by hand to extremely tight tolerances, and a highly respected among the astrophotography community.

Takahashi Mewlon

The Takahashi Mewlon Series of Dall-Kirkham Telescopes by Takahashi combines refractor-like performance in a larger folded optic reflector design.

Takahshi Astrographs

The Takahshi Epsilon series of astrographs are specifically designed for exceptional astrophotography.