Telescope Accessories

  • Books and Star Charts

    Books and Star Charts


    Having the best telescope that money can buy won't help you much if you don't know what objects to look for.

  • Collimation Tools

    Collimation Tools


    Proper optical collimation is essential to achieving top performance from your telescope.

  • Counterweight Systems

    Counterweight Systems


    Telescope counterweight systems are often required to offset the weight of a camera, filter wheel, and other imaging accessories.

  • Dew Shields and Dew Heaters

    Dew Shields and Dew Heaters


    Dew shields and dew heater systems are an essential telescope accessory for anyone operating a telescope where dew or frost regularly forms. Shop our inventory!

  • Diagonals



    Star diagonals provide a more comfortable viewing angle when using refractors, Maksutov-Cassegrain, or Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes. Shop Skies Unlimited today!

  • Dovetail Bars

    Dovetail Bars


    Dovetail bars are used to attach telescope optical tubes to mounts, or to attach accessories such as guidescope rings to the top of an optical tube.

  • Electronic Telescope Accessories

    Electronic Telescope Accessories


    Most go to telescopes and mounts can be accept a GPS input or be controlled via a computer using these accessories.

  • Eyepiece Adapters

    Eyepiece Adapters


    Eyepiece adapters are used to adapt from a larger focuser or star diagonal format to a smaller eyepiece format.

  • Filters



    Astronomical filters, including nebular, solar, and lunar filters enhance the appearance of specific targets.

  • Finder Scopes

    Finder Scopes


    Finders or finder scopes offer a much wider field of view than a telescope, which aids in either object location or the alignment of a go to telescope.

  • Finder Scope Mounts

    Finder Scope Mounts


    Finder scope mounts attach the finder scope to the telescope, and in some cases allow one finder to be shared among multiple telescopes.

  • Flashlights



    Red flashlights are used to read star charts without affecting your night vision.

  • Focusers



    Focusers are one of the most commonly replaced or upgraded items to be found on a telescope

  • Focuser Accessories - Electronic

    Focuser Accessories - Electronic


    Electronic focuser accessories allow you to adjust focus, either manually or via computer, without touching the focuser knob.

  • Focuser Accessories - Mechanical

    Focuser Accessories - Mechanical


    Mechanical focuser accessories include such things as adapters, extension tubes, and mounting bases.

  • Laser Pointers

    Laser Pointers


    Green laser pointers are useful for pointing to constellations and celestial objects for educational purposes.

  • Telescope Covers

    Telescope Covers


    Telescope covers are a commonly seen item at star parties where telescopes are set up outdoors for several days at a time.

  • Telescope and Accessory Cases

    Telescope and Accessory Cases


    Telescope cases make it easier to transport your telescope and also protect your investment.

  • Tube Rings


    Tube rings and dovetail bars are are used to provide the physical interface between an optical tube and a telescope mount.

  • Power Supplies

    Power Supplies


    Most modern and telescope mounts and accessories require electrical power in the form of 12 volts DC, which is supplied by a field battery or AC adapter.

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