Astronomical filters enhance the appearance of specific targets.

  • Lunar and Planetary Filters

    Lunar and Planetary Filters


    Lunar and planetary filters reduce brightness and glare, and reveal subtle detail that is lost when one color dominates the object.

  • Nebular Filters

    Nebular Filters


    Nebular filters serve to increase the contrast and detail visible in emission nebulae.

  • White Light Solar Filters

    White Light Solar Filters


    White light filters allow one to observe sun spots or any dark object passing in front of the sun.

  • Hydrogen-Alpha Solar Filters

    Hydrogen-Alpha Solar Filters


    Hydrogen-alpha filters take solar observing to an entirely new level by revealing prominences around the solar limb and texture on the solar disk itself.

  • Calcium-K Solar Filters

    Calcium-K Solar Filters


    Calcium K filters are used to study an emission line from a layer of the chromosphere that is slightly lower and cooler than the layer viewed in Hydrogen-alpha.

  • Solar Filters - Other Wavelengths

    Solar Filters - Other Wavelengths


    Helium D3 and Sodium D filters are used by researchers and professional solar observatories to study different layers of the chromosphere.

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