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TeleVue 4.7mm Ethos SX Eyepiece


SKU: ETH-04.7
Manufacturer: TeleVue
Availability: IN STOCK
Eyepiece Focal Length: 4.7 mm
Apparent Field: 110 degrees
Eye Relief: 15 mm
Barrel Diameter: 1.25 inches
Eyepiece Weight: 20.8 ounces


The expansive 110 degree apparent field of the Ethos SX allows you to apply more magnification while still being able to frame an extended object within the field. 

The 4.7mm Ethos SX is the latest addition to the Ethos eyepiece line. Like its 3.7mm Ethos SX sibling, this eyepiece features a 110 degree apparent field of view. We think it will be primarily useful in refractors or Dobsonian telescopes of up to 1200mm focal length.

You may recall that Al Nagler eagerly pushed Ethos designer Paul Dellechiaie to extend an Ethos model (3.7mm) to reach 110?

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