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TeleVue 8mm Ethos Eyepiece


SKU: ETH-08.0
Manufacturer: TeleVue
Availability: IN STOCK
Eyepiece Focal Length: 8 mm
Apparent Field: 100 degrees
Eye Relief: 15 mm
Barrel Diameter: 1.25 and 2 inches
Eyepiece Weight: 15.2 ounces


The 8mm TeleVue Ethos shares the same 100 degree apparent field of other Ethos eyepieces and is suitable for use in binoviewers. 

April 26, 2008 - TeleVue unveiled what was then the newest member of the Ethos family. OK, so what is our impression of this new Ethos? Don't ask me why, but personally I found myself even more impressed than I did with the original Ethos when it debuted last spring. Perhaps it was the target we observed through the eyepiece, a holiday card with brightly colored crystals embedded in the printed surface. Using a TV60 with a single eyepiece and a TV85 with BinoVue, the Ethos revealed a wealth of detail and color that is simply hard to describe. I walked away wondering what Jupiter would look like this summer using the New Ethos and an apochromatic refractor.

So how dooes the Ethos perform under dark skies? We recently had the opportunity to use this eyepiece in a number of big Dobsonian telescopes in the 16 to 20 inch class, and were simply amazed by the image scale on familiar objects such as the Dumbbell and Swan Nebulae. The incredible 100 degree apparent field allows you to push the magnification on clusters of galaxies while still keeping the grouping comfortably within the field of view.

Tele Vue 8mm Ethos Specifications

  • Apparent field: 100?

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