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Tele Vue Optics The name TeleVue is almost synonymous with high quality eyepieces. From the introduction of the original Nagler eyepiece in 1980, to the more recent introductions of the Ethos, Delos and Delite eyepieces, TeleVue has continued to raise the bar against which all others are judged. TeleVue Ethos eyepiece have redefined the market for ultra wide field eyepieces. The performance inherent in every TeleVue eyepiece is verified for you at f/4 by technicians in their Chester, NY headquarters. That level of quality assurance is available nowhere else that we know of.

TeleVue telescopes are among the world's finest fast focal ratio apochromatic refractors. Unlike the majority of consumer telescopes available today, these exquisite optical instruments are produced right here in the USA. A visit to their headquarters quickly reveals an optical lab with subdued lighting where highly skilled technicians may spend a day or more collimating the optics of a single instrument. TeleVue also produces a full line of accessories for use with their own and other telescopes.

TeleVue Telescopes

TeleVue produces some of the finest apochromatic refractors available anywhere today, and they do it here in the USA!

TeleVue Eyepieces

The name TeleVue is almost synonymous with high quality eyepieces.

TeleVue Eyepiece Accessories

Treat your TeleVue eyepieces to genuine TeleVue eyepiece accessories! TeleVue offers high quality nebular filters, coma correctors (Parracorr), Barlows, and more.

TeleVue Telescope Accessories

TeleVue offers a line of telescope accessories that can be used with their own refractors as well as other types of telescopes from different manufacturers.

TeleVue Telescope Mounts

TeleVue offers a selection of alt-azimuth telescope mounts, including the lightweight Telepod and Panoramic, as well as the robust Gibraltar and Gibraltar5.

TeleVue Barlows and Powermates

TeleVue Barlows and Powermates are used to amplify or enlarge images in both visual and imaging applications.

TeleVue Imaging Accessories

TeleVue produces a line of imaging accessories, some of which are generic while others for specific use with their own imaging system telescopes.